Updated 5-27-15


Sample DWB (2015): Tikrit
Sample NIE (National Intelligence Estimate): U.S. Drone Policy Ramifications Overseas
Sample Policy Memo (2015): School Schedules Tied to Teen Sleep Cycles
Sample Research Proposal: Defining Corporate Welfare
Sample BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Report: South Sudan Peace Talks
Sample Analysis of Philosophical Argument: Poverty (Singer vs. Hardin)
Sample Policy Brief: Energy Policy (Oil Subsidies)

Sample Critique of Policy Brief: Food Policy (Public Education Nutrition/Physical Education Reform)
Sample Informative Speech: Drones Article

Sample Informative Speech 2: Lecturing about Inductive Reasoning
Sample Analysis: An Empirical Study

Sample Analysis: A Qualitative Study
Sample Creative Analysis: Neoclassicism vs. Romanticism

Sample Historical Text Analysis: Pericles's Funeral Oration


Work Sample #1: Brief Analysis & Source Gathering