Literary Essays

A book that has a collection of stories of which to draw your essay from.

Here’s some literature essays I produced in college.

You’re welcome to draw from my essays for your own papers, especially if you’re in a writing/literature class that has nothing to do with your major. No offense to English majors or professors of course!

My sources and quotations usually come from the Norton Anthology books or literary works that are in the public domain.

The Subjection of Women: A Persuasive Utilitarian Approach to Gender Equality

Beowulf: A Legend To Never Be Forgotten

The Browning View of Art

The Importance of Being Earnest: A Double Life Equals Double Jeopardy

Sherlock Holmes: It’s All About Balance, My Dear Watson

Frankenstein: Not the “Hero” We Deserve?

Authors Hate Snakes, Don’t They?

In War, Somebody Always Loses